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The Idea

August 11, 2010

This evening we celebrated our fifth anniversary. This will be our last lowercase anniversary as we are engaged to be married in the Spring. As we go about the planning of the wedding (the details of which you will mostly be spared), we welcome the distractions that let us be the couple we are. In that spirit, over dinner this evening a deal was struck.

First, some background: We bought a home in DC at the beginning of the year. While we have both lived and worked in the city for several years, our neighborhood is not somewhere we’d previously spent much time. On our way home from work each evening, we pass restaurants which look interesting yet don’t cause us to stop and have a bite.

Back to dinner. As a way of distracting ourselves, of introducing ourselves to the options our new surroundings provide and, well, of finding a few good meals we launched The Dinner Project.

The Rules:

  • Each month, on the 11th, we have Dinner at a restaurant which is new to us.
  • Before we get home that evening, we must select next month’s restaurant.
  • We’re confined to one street at a time.
  • We’ll blog about the evening.

Let me expand upon those last two points. Between now and April (aka, The Wedding), we’ll be eating out along 14th St. After April, who knows. Maybe we try a new street, maybe we mothball The Project.

Why blog it? To remember, to learn, to distract and quite possibly to embarrass when we look back years later.

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